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Responsible behaviour at all levels

We take our responsibility towards society very seriously. This means a constant commitment towards our employees, partners, customers, suppliers, shareholders and to the people and institutions in our environment. It is our aim to provide outstanding innovations always in accordance with our high ethical, ecological, economic and social values.


Transforming digital data into relevant media

Only relevant content will effectively reach its target group. To know what’s relevant, to leverage relevant information or media and to be responsive in communication are additional success factors. picturemaxx’s innovative and most productive Media Asset Management solutions are the heart and soul of marketing and communication. It is here where all relevant information comes together to be distributed in various ways.


Customer success

picturemaxx strives for long-term customer relationships. We are therefore focusing on customer benefit and satisfaction as cornerstones of success. Thus, every picturemaxx employee is committed to perfect the quality of service, software solutions and our data center.
All services are consequently geared to the market requirements which are constantly monitored.